The Mullet is Alive and Well in 2008

October 18, 2008

The Mullet is alive and well in 2008

I certainly believe we all have the right to choose our own personal style and welcome individual expression in clothing and hair cut.  However, I do have a particular interest with a most popular haircut from the 1980-90s which makes a frequent appearance in the South.  “The Mullet” is alive and well in North Carolina!

I have a bit of an odd fascination with this rather peculiar hairstyle. I can not look away quickly when I see the “short spiked hair in the front, cropped close over the ears and the long hair in the back” it is quite mesmerizing.  If there happens to be a perm or a rat tail in addition to “The Mullet” that is something special!  I guess by this time you understand my desire to understand the person who is rocking this 1980s hairstyle.  Oh, I did  have a pseudo mullet back in the day but I never really sported “The Mullet”.

I have found several places seem to be best for “Mullet Encounters” should you appreciate this hair style and want to play my favorite game of “Count the Mullets” while shopping, at local events or just enjoy them for their pure intoxicating effect. May you too have a “Mullet Sightings” on your journey or in your everyday travels:

Best Places for Mullet “Sightings”

1. Local or State Fair

2. Guns and Roses Concert (other rock band will most likely produce same result)

3. Local BBQ Place

4. Shopping Mall

5. Wal-Mart on Saturday

6. Airport

7. Myrtle Beach, SC

8. Small town between Greensboro and Pinehurst I have dubbed “Home of the Mullet” (I have purposely not listed the name of this town.  I went to “Town X” frequently for work several years ago and wondered if Billy Ray Cyrus may walk up to me with his Glorious flowing 1980s Mullet and break into “Achy Breaky Heart” at any moment(this was prior to his Hannah Montana cool Daddy days) I was in serious “Mullet or possibly Wrestle Mania.”

I know the list could be much longer.  Please share with me your Mullet Stories.

I hope you enjoy your day! Let me know if you have  a Mullet Siting!

Business in the Front and Party in the Back!